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Ten questions for Pavel Blata, the owner of the Blata company

1) Mr. Blata, what made you, as a successful producer of mini-bikes, start producing of road motorcycles?

Pavel Blata: The aim of our company has always been to manufacture big motorcycles. We have acquired the necessary grounding and great experience through the production of mini bikes.

2) Do you use sub-suppliers or is the motorcycle, as a whole, manufactured by your company itself?

Pavel Blata: Almost the whole motorcycle, including the engine, is of our design and manufacture, and we buy-in only the cushioning and brake elements, handlebars, controls and the like.

3) What kind of customers is the Blata 125 motorcycle aimed at?

Pavel Blata: The motorcycle is intended for the younger generation, which appreciates an advanced product of high quality. It will also appeal to the older motorcycle drivers, since our motorcycle with its features and design is very similar to the machines of higher engine classes.

4) Are you technical staff and your production capacity prepared for the manufacture of motorcycles?

Pavel Blata: We have built a new up-to-date workshop for the manufacture of the road motorcycles which we have equipped with the latest manufacturing technology including our own foundry.

5) How long has the development taken?

Pavel Blata: The decision on production was taken more than one year ago, and the work on the development began in August 2005.

6) What price range will these motorcycles be in?

Pavel Blata: We want to produce top quality products at very competitive prices.

7) When will the first machines appear on the market?

Pavel Blata: We are preparing the batch production now, and the production line will begin operation in March 2007.

8) What other machines can we look forward to in the future?

Pavel Blata: There will be at least one 125 c.c. machine, still in 2007.

9) Are you preparing also any other types of motorcycles?

Pavel Blata: We have begun work on a higher cubic capacity machine, and besides this we will also be producing new models of mini-bikes.

10) Do the mini-bikes and scooters continue to be popular?

Pavel Blata: Without a doubt. The races we participate in make us steadily improve our products. As regards the scooters the successful model will also be produced and sold in the year 2007.


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