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BLATA has launched a new 125

BLATA  fulfilled further of its ambitions and launched the first big motorcycle called the BLATA - MOTARD 125 and the ENDURO 125 from its stable.

Most of the parts of the motorcycle are made in the Czech Republic. Only the certain components, as the front reversed telescopic fork (Marzocchi), the rear shock absorber
(Paioli), four- piston radial front brake (AJP), hard aluminium handlebars of varying cross section (Tomaselli), controls (Domino), carburettor (Walbro) or switch box are bought-in from the sub-suppliers. Hence, all the essential parts are the inland production, including the whole engine, the frame, the rear hard aluminium swinging fork, plastics etc. All the castings are alloyed with titanium-boron.

The elaborated details of the motorcycle, as the front and rear foot rests (front foot rests with steel „grubs“ which can hold also the wet shoe and do not tear it, and can be replaced), holder of the engine, ending of the exhaust pipe, rear LED light and direction indicators,  finning of cylinder head, “preparation” for pannier, plate skid under the engine, additionally protected with the plastic mouldings etc. will attract the attention at detailed observation.

BLATA has already gained experience in the development and the manufacture of engines. They built the four-stroke, air-cooled, 125 c.c. motorcycle with five-speed gear box this time.  The motorcycle is intended especially for young riders above 16, hence the engine is   adjusted for the output 15 k. It is the square engine - with the same bore as the stroke is, with two-valve head. The engine is equipped with the balancing shaft to reduce the vibrations.   The catalyst is built into the exhaust tract in order to be in compliance with the exhaust emission standard Euro 3. Also the stronger version of this engine is planned which should comply with the prepared emission standard Euro 4, even if the fuel injection shall be applied, The introduced models the Motard 125 and the Enduro 125 should be completed with the third version – a markedly lower “naked”.

The new machines, the BLATA - MOTARD 125 and the ENDURO 125 will please its first customers in  the 1st  quarter 2007.

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